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The Goat Producers' Union, UNIPROCA, is a COMPANY under the form of a COOPERATIVE, composed so far of more than 600 member farmers and founded in 2010 thanks to the idea and initiative of José Manuel Sanz Timón, Farmer and Veterinary Geneticist from Extremadura with a professional practice in Toledo.

UNIPROCA was founded to try to avoid the repetition of the situation created in 2010 by the great general decline in prices, with the consequent bankruptcy and closure of many goat farms.

Our task is to market our products both domestically and internationally, while diversifying our activity with projects such as the manufacture of feed specifically formulated for dairy goats, and we are already working on a pioneer project to produce milk powder for export.






cooperativa socios uniproca

The members of this countrywide project are all producers of goat's milk and kids, farmers who have modernised their facilities and milking systems and which are distributed in different Spanish communities. Its primary purpose is to achieve higher profits in selling its products both domestically and internationally. All those who wish to belong to UNIPROCA must make an initial financial contribution by way of initial payment, in order to deal with the many initial expenses that will be generated by the marketing efforts that are currently under way in various countries of the European, Asian, American and North African environment.

All producers-farmers who want to be able to market their products through UNIPROCA in other countries and better defend prices with respect to the dual model in Spain, seeking the added value of their milk through the marketing of a processed product can, if they qualify, enrol by contacting our HEAD OFFICE.



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