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The working method followed by UNIPROCA is as follows:

- Collection of samples for determining the composition of cheese extract so as to pay the producer member for quality. The samples are systematically taken every day that milk is collected and sent to the Dairy Interprofessional Laboratory of Castilla-La Mancha (L.I.L.C.A.M.) for analysis.

- Labelling of samples on the farm of origin, "inviolable label-seal system", which ensures that the milk produced by a particular farmer is exactly that which arrives in the laboratory in order to be analysed. In the case of any incident being detected, it is immediately communicated to the party concerned, thus being able to curb a possible negative evolution of quality in near real time.

- Periodic visits to farmers in the area consisting of review of critical points in the management of the livestock, milking and storage of the product, which are essential to preserve the good quality of milk collected.




Factors to be evaluated by UNIPROCA´s quality department

- Conditions of the animals' bedding and accommodation.
- Evaluation of the cleanliness of the milking parlour and the dairy, as well as the milking circuit.
- Checking the temperature of the milk prior to loading with a digital thermometer to verify that the cooling tank is functioning correctly.
- Checking the temperature of the hot water (it must exceed 72º)
- Dornic acidity and PH to detect possible problems of developed acidity.
- Checking the presence or absence of macroscopic contamination in the milk tank.
- Taking samples of the water used on the farm to clean the same.
- State of the filter of the milk at the final output of milking.
-Individual attention for each farm (staff training, person in charge of milking, etc.)

From the evaluation of the above factors, the UNIPROCA Quality Department issues a report for the farmer, where the recommendations made are specified with a view to improving the quality of his/her milk.




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