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SUPI, Feed and Animal Nutrition

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Quality Assurance in Animal Nutrition at the best price.



SUPI has a wide range of specially formulated feed for goat herds in all their phases of production.

We produce exclusive formulas for UNIPROCA, the largest cooperative in the turnover of goat's milk in Spain.

Our products have proven their effectiveness, increasing the production and quality of milk and preserving the health of your animals

The only way to achieve optimal growth of the herd as well as a greater milk production is the implementation of the best practices in animal nutrition as well as in installations optimised for this purpose, clean, airy and comfortable.

At SUPI, we are experts in nutrition, offering the farmer 100% proven nutritional formulas at a competitive price, by increasing both production and health.

The health of our livestock ensures its continuation and that of future generations.

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La salud de nuestra explotación nos asegura su continuidad y la de las generaciones futuras.

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