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Bulk Sale of Milk or Fresh Goat's Milk

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Provenance: Farmers of Uniproca's collection areas and own Collection centres, with absolute control of traceability.
Heat treatment: Thermised milk and raw milk.
Presentations: Pure goat's milk

This product, in all its variants, has an absence of inhibitors, preservatives, and mixtures with other milks, and an absence of water (under appropriate analysis at all times).

The physical-chemical analyses of quality exhibit the following results:
- Fat, protein, pH and acidity in accordance with European standards.

After thorough bacteriological controls, our goals are to reach less than 50, 000 individual bacteria in the farmers' collection and less than 300, 000 in transport tanks.




Goat's milk Properties and Benefits


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Researchers at the University of Granada have shown that goat's milk is a food with nutritional benefits that help improve our health.

This food and its habitual consumption must be promoted, both the milk and its derivatives, among the general population and especially among all those who have allergies, intolerance to cow's milk, malabsorption problems, high cholesterol, anaemia, osteoporosis or prolonged treatments with iron supplements. Emphasising the fact that its nutritional properties exceed those of cow's milk.

Part of the results of this research has been published in prestigious scientific journals such as Journal Dairy Science and International Dairy Journal.

It is more digestible than cow's milk:
It is a good restorative of the intestinal flora, it has good qualities as a high acidity neutraliser, and it is used for those suffering from stomach ulcers, gastritis and other digestive problems requiring treatment with antacids.

Less cholesterol:
Goat's milk has a lower cholesterol level, between 30% and 40% less than cow's milk. This coupled with having more omega 6 type fat (not stored in adipose tissue) makes it an important product for the prevention of diabetes and arteriosclerosis or other cardiovascular conditions.

Goat milk contains less lactose and thanks to its high digestibility it is recommended for those who are lactose intolerant.

Preventing osteoporosis:
Goat's milk has high levels of vitamin A, B2, calcium and vitamin D, the latter two contribute to the formation of bones and have a preventive effect against diseases such as osteoporosis.

Prevention of Iron-Deficiency Anaemia:
Regular consumption of goat's milk in people with iron deficiency anaemia leads to improved recovery, enhancing the nutritional use of iron and haemoglobin regeneration.

Similar to breast milk:
Goat milk has sugar and oligosaccharide fractions similar to human milk which play an important role in both the development of probiotic flora that protects us from pathogenic bacteria, and in infant brain development.




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